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Special Optimization

Do not become reliant on 3rd Parties and CDN. They go down. HardCode your work & become Faster & Safer. Optimize your Site/Blog.

9Neins Micro Client

9Neins-MC will be Free. Available for Pc/Mac/Lix. 9Neins Mobile Version is delayed for time being.

What is This?

This is MetaMask as Simple as select and done. Is just as easy as Paypal. Why not Paypal you may ask- I will explain it in one word (((Censorship))). MetaMask is just as Secure in many ways, Easy, and the only platform useable for IGP for NineNeins on the Brave Platform.

In game Content is purchased with Eth.

Support Us

However, we are more than a Game, we are a Development with many other services. MeatMask is our Payment Processor, so we can continue to do what we love, spreading the love for everything Digital.

To give a try Click Here and wave Goodbye to Google.

Lets Get Real.

Speed up your sites, blogs, perfect content, and optimize everything. In the face of Big Tech Censorship this is no time to hand over the tech Infrastructure. I mean why should we?

Alternative tech simply means Tech is not in (((their))) hands. This is 9-Neins Main Goal.

No-more half put together, weak CEO, Trackers, Cookies, Spyware, and Google lovenest nonsense. Lets get serious! Help and join 9-Neins do what all these others failed miserably.

We are not in this for the money, in fact everything at Nine-Neins is absolutley FREE to the degree of our actual Services and Voluntary Contribs/InGame-Content.

Visit Our Blog and share all the amazing work being done, support them if not Nine-Neins. Together we are Stronger. Spread the Content, Vids, Pamplets, Books, Articles. ALL FREE because knowledge IS and SHOULD be FREE! That is the greatest Contrib anyone could ask for. SERVICES HAS BEEN BLOTTED OUT AS NINE-NEINS RE-ORGANIZES FUNDAMENTALS DUE TO CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES. Sry and Thank You.

What We Do

We do just about everything Digital. Whether Web (HTML,Java, CSS, or my personal favorite Python).

Audio (Podcast, Composing, Recording, Mixing, Restoration) our Studio is not quite set up for Mastering- equipment wise but we will get there.

Images which is typically Photoshop and Optimization.

Of course All Around Optimization. Templates across the spectrum. As will also teach anyone willingly to learn. We make it look as easy as Joining the Nine-Neins team.

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Cool Packs

Discord Emojis

The "Best of Us Emojis" made by yours truly. Showcasing Quality as simple as Load and Go. In Beautiful Resolution. The Revolution is in HD.

In-Game Content

Become part of the Game, feature your product or make a request of something you really want to see or do in the Game. Dont just Game, Be the Game.



Web Optimization is tricky, time consuming, and so much involved. Which is why I am running a special.

Little tricks and tips to push your blog or site over the top in speed and efficency. Get the Optimization your content deserves. Get Op'd today.


There are many different avenues with Audio from basic compression to leveling to SFX, Composition, and full out Mixs.

Our Studio is Your Studio.

Restoration and Podcast have been the most Popular lately. If interested then you get a


This one is pretty cut and dry. Will def speed you up, make sharing your photos much easier and faster.

Up to 99 Photos, filed, Converted, Resized, Optimized, and Fully Linked however you need fit. A AMAZING DEAL Also Limited Time Offer.


From DarkMode to Incredible no resource using codes. Stop with boggy widgets added to your Site/Blogs and get clean code and speed.

They are included in Web-Op special. However, customization of certain scripts such as darkmode start at

NatSoc Discount

No one wants to service our cyber presence, but I do, and will do everything possible to make sure our sites, blogs, content, and people are running at full speed.

Help Me-Help You.

Ramen Noodles

Prices so low that it barely feeds the 9Neins operation- but thats ok as long as we are alive all is well.

This page only showcases an overall picture of what we can offer, we can do smaller projects, upkeep, or huge projects. That is all up to you and what you aim for. We are simply here to guarantee professional quality, timely delivery, and service like no other.

Whether hobby blogger or serious entrepreneur. This is irrelevant when it comes to showcasing your loves, passions, and work. We are here to assist and grow with you. Nine-Neins is more than a Game - Its a Development!

Always Hiring

The pay is super near non-existent, but the benefits are rewarding.

Not skilled in tech, you can learn. We will even see what we can do to get everything you will need to get started. So many things to do, a Network is most certainly priority 1. If Interested

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Other Goods

  • Discord Emoji Packs
  • DarkMode Script
  • Perfect Images
  • Protools Templates
  • Recommended S-Ware
  • Photoshop Stuff
  • 9Neins Merch


"The purpose of life is to struggle as hard as you can for what you believe in, and enjoy the struggle"

Rockwell - Commander