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Classic masterpieces in their own right. We felt it was fitting to add Our Game to the List right here.

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I know many of us get angry at the state of his country but instead of throwing our life's away by  going out to massacre every dark, desert rat, jew and leftist we see.

Be smart and stack digital bodies in this Giant Shitpost of a game. Release all your frustration and anger for free, and avoid Prison and Death Row altogether, It is legal to do what must be done in Angry Goy. What you waiting for 6 Gorillian is the quota get to it Goyim.

The National Socialist Movement has grown into a strong political force of millions. America's Nazi Party now stands poised to take the White House. Seeing the foreign aid to Israel soon stopped the kikes respond with lethal force.

Dr. Abraham Kikenstein orders his death squad into action. The terror team deploys to NSM Party Headquarters in Washington D.C. Backed by black gangsters lusting for white blood the unclean hordes shoot their way in and infest the building. Your job Whitey: Ethnically Cleanse and Liquidate all subhumans.

The Race War has begun. Your skin is your uniform in this battle for the survival of our kind and all of White Western Civilization. The White Race depends on you to secure its existence.

Your peoples enemies surround you in a sea of decay and filth that they have brought to your once clean and Not one of their numbers shall be spared..

Left wing terrorists have kidnapped the President! If he is not rescued, Western civilization will fall. Do you have what it takes, or are you a cuck?

Angry Goy II is the season’s hit game for White males who have had it with Jewish nonsense. Instead of taking out your frustrations on actual human beings, you can fight the mongrels and degenerates on your computer! Use guns, knives, pepper spray, and more! Lay waste to wave after wave of shitskins, shitstains, foreign invaders, and the kikes they serve.

The Goyim know, and we are all out of bubblegum. 14 Wording is not just a slogan - its what we do.

The War Continues, the sequel of the game Zog's Nightmare, has more firepower, more in depth play, new levels to discover, new surprises and much more.

The Jews are moving forward with thier agenda to accomplish their goal of killing Nazis with Censorship and imprisonment. The hordes of Minorities, Pedos, Trans, and other enemies of our race are closing in.

It is your task to stop them!

We have Intel that the Jews created this virus called "White Guilt Diversity" that transforms white people into NPC zombies. YOU must find an antidote.

You are an American soldier armed with a pistol who has been parachuted into the Middle East. Pick up special weapons such as a shotgun, a machinegun, hand grenades and a rocket launcher, supplied by an overflying support planes.

Be careful some Muslims are dressed as civilians while others are terrorists wearing a suicide vest "Don't be a Cuck...! Download the game now" Now go Stop Islam!