Why all this Crypto Talk

NineNeins is banned from using a Payment Processor. As any other development NineNeins requires funds to make development possible. Crypto is our only option - it is a concept that NineNeins has been experimenting with for a very long time like most - NineNeins had to learn the ins and outs of Crypto. Keep in mind this process was also unfunded.

All just to beable to begin raising the funds neccesary - something none of our competitors have/had to do. Sheer dedication and commitment to our development got us through the worst of times.

Here we are. We finally have a type of bank for finances that is integrated into our network that is safe, secure, and made as EZ as possible that allows us to finally compete.

Anonymity is a process in the tech world which is challenging. Specially when it comes to Crypto. Crypto is not as Crypto as many may think. This has been a hurdle I personally have been working on for months.

Crypto is one of the very few ways in which funds my development... However, that anonymity comes at seriously high fees. The usage of Hot Wallets stales funds in where Crypto no longer becomes viable.

In a development such as NineNeins the current HotWallet becomes absolutely worthless after all the gas/transaction fees which are SUPER expensive. The only solid way to offer such a mass scale and practical option is to use a central wallet... of course this comes with the flaw of verification.

This has been an obstacle with no other option... trust me I have spent months researching and trying to come up with ways around this. Which is possible if P2P, meanwhile such a method is way to overbearing in maintenance, not to mention way to complicated for the mass public, and is even more strict in execution and options. P2P is a great solution in theory only.

Which leaves very few practical options and 1 other solid option...verification.
I know. I know. Undesirable! But the financial world is well the financial world. Keep in mind these are options - not required!

Anonymity Exhausted

Which brings us to Transparency

Security- NineNeins has 0 trackers, 0 ads(Although we do have a few affilates they are only Linked not Injected), 0 fingerprints, Only HTTPS connections ensuring fast, secure, and peace of mind.
I am not in any way, shape, or form trying to collect anyones information.

Nor are we trying to gather list of players, users, and members. We have done everything possible to avoid such collections. Its been quite a nightmare if being honest. As far as not even attempting to collect a single cookie which makes many features damn near impossible and extremley tricky.
Instead we opted to change the typical cookie notice in which you are instead greeted with a reminder of the importance of useing a VPN and if you dont have one we offer options for a VPN(which we once again are not compensated for)... and NORD-mie is not one of those options.

Meanwhile, using HotWallets will remain an option for those that prefer such a method and whom don't care about fees. However, continuing to only offer HotWallets is an inevitable early grave for NineNeins thats just the hard facts of reality.
So for those that already participate in Exchanges or those New to Crypto there will be new options that wont cost a fortune to use, simple, and an outright blessing but before getting into any options one thing must be addressed.

A HardWallet is always recommended when Crypto is in play. Whether you play, contrib, or use NineNeins or Not... Take the same precautions as you would with anything financial. This includes your Seeds, Passwords, and 2FA(s). You are warned now for the worst-case scenario.

Uphold is the recommended option which becomes super easy to incorporate with the Download of Brave which is the recommended Browser of NineNeins. Uphold is Practically built in.

This will allow our development and players 0 transaction fees whilst also allow BAT to be used for the NineNein Reward system and available game asset. This also helps us support Organizations such as Brave in which we are avid advocates of.
The Uphold platform is the best option but keep in mind Uphold like all financials will require a verification process.
This verification process is the sole reason we never advocated Uphold before. Personally being an avid User and Advocate of Brave since its inception with NineNeins also being a Brave Verified Site. We have decided after all this time to confidentially advocate Uphold.

Uphold is a legit Payment Processor and Exchange. It is truly a Paypal alternative that has proven itself to be advocated by NineNeins. I personally really do regret doubting Uphold over the years. It was really just the Verification aspect that ever really kept me from making it a pillar in our development.

Disclosure - Over time it has become extremley obvious and super common for this Verification process. It took a long time obviously for me to accept that. Coming to terms with it was simply realizing it is no different than opening a bank account, getting a drivers license, etc.
I know many will suggest I go with Binance - but the truth is Binance is uhmazing for what Binance was designed for - which is Investing. Uphold however is far superior when it comes to the Marketplace - Uphold is truly the Paypal of Crypto.



NineNeins DOES NOT and WILL NOT offer autopay nor subscriptions. For both autopay & subscriptions would require the collection of User Information such as Email, Names, etc.

NineNeins will however be adding an option for Sign in thru a Minds account. This option opens an avenue to use Minds Token instead of a direct exchange or a HotWallet - adding CoinBase(Verification) and WalletConnect(Compatibles) as further options by default for those those that still want to use a HotWallet(WalletConnect) at lower fees.

MetaMask is also a Minds option but MetaMask can also be used without a Minds account on NineNeins.com. So two cheers for MetaMask!

Minds will offer a great way to stay connected via Social Media, Groups, quick Community Support, and offer NineNeins a simple alternative to offer so many different options and opportunity to everyone.


NineNeins contribs, players, and users will all benefit in free In-Game assets such as BAT and Minds Tokens to raise their Powerlevel and support NineNeins.
By simply participating in Brave Rewards(BAT) and upgrading your Minds to a plus account to accumulate tokens from your post.

Imagine supporting NineNeins by simply surfing the web as usual and sharing & posting on social media about whatever you want, love, and desire.

Yet this is just another option to fund and support NineNeins which is nearly 100% free and requires 0 verification.
Minds does require a plus account which is $5 a month which comes with all the other perks of Minds.

As on the flip side Braves amazing browser and potential are fully taken advantage of. I think NineNeins may be one of the first... possibly only... to implement it in such a way... I may be wrong... if so I stand corrected... if I am not wrong then thats awesome innovation.
As for Minds with the atheistically pleasing, easy to use layout and Free Speech Advocacy can be fully used to its full potential to support Content Creators such as NineNeins.

Everybody wins!!!
Individuals have ways to support NineNeins while getting the best Browser available a Social Media that wont censor them and instead crowd funds their users. Not to mention ways to contribute to Pro-White content creators.

Frens at Brave, Uphold, and Minds get their products highlighted and used as they are intended to be used with a new user base that raises OUR marketshare.

NineNeins creates a niche for Market and Social which makes developments like NineNeins Possible.

There simply is not more that needs to be said at this point.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Options are all we are providing along with the pros and cons of each.

If you wish to remain 100% anonymous - Hot Wallet away for the premium.

If you want free transaction fees and simplicity - Uphold is the way to do it.

If you desire to platform with social usability - Minds is the choice.

Maybe, a combo of the options?

As the NineNeins motto states - "Its all up to you."

We are more than a Game we are a Development.

At least you can rest assured none of your information is stored on our servers, none of this information is collected by NineNeins, none of this information is filed or listed in any NineNeins database, and every option is YOUR choice.

This is by far the best option to keep anonymity while at the same time granting NineNeins a solid platform to grow upon.

Sum It Up


Crypto is an expansive world. Here we will breakdown the accepted Cryptos used at NineNeins and why. As well as throw some transparency on our portfolio as to how NineNeins uses Crypto on the backend. Each Coin is accepted by NineNeins - each coin has its specific place & utility in NineNeins. Each offers every Crypto option widely available whether Vet or New to the Crypto world. Whatever your preference, wallet, or coin we technically accomodate since all of them are interchangeable.


The overall preferred Crypto of the NineNeins development. We use Monero for 90% of the storage and transactions of our portfolio. When it comes to Crypto - Monero is the Posterchild of what Crypto is and should be. The downside of Monero is useage in Common Marketplace. Despite the Marketplace flaw - Monero is still NineNeins preferred option and recommendation.


The Crypto of Dapps. Ethereum is special in the Aspect of Technological usage. This makes connectivity and useing as a marketplace asset invaluable. Ethereum is more aimed at audiences not on the Brave Platform thanks to developments such as MetaMask.


Is a Crypto that makes mass integration simple for the NineNeins Development. Due to this it became a Favorite of NineNeins. With an easy asset to market, built in easy setup wallet, and Reward program. Which was a perfect fit for NineNeins. The simplicity and integration makes the utility Token Perfect fit for NineNeins.


Our attention quickly fell on DOGE which we had already been collecting due to the sheer cost (below a penny) and Meme Nature which would fit our theme phenomenally - before its rise. After the surge of DogeCoin our initial investment helped pay expenses and now sits at a perfect cost coin for NineNeins. Was just meant to be.


The Industry Standard meaning the most popular. BitCoin is also the gateway for many into Alt-Utility Coins - so by default it makes no sense for NineNeins not to incorporate. Bitcoin is our most least used option - its value is just impractical for the use of a market. Trying to figure 0.0002 to the masses is just not reasonable.


As for quick paragraph explanations of Cryptos we have in our investment portfolio and why. Also will explain why they are not accepted by NineNeins for In-Game but make up large portions of our portfolio.


A Coin we first looked at during our development. The reason we did not adopt it was due to privacy issues for OUR development. Dashcoin was still a coin we got behind due to its Paypalish feel, design, and useage. The potential is just phenomenal. We chose Ethereum over Dash due to its useabilty and integration - also Ethereum is much more private.


Is a Coin we look at as more of an investment than usage. Is easier to view Cardano(Security), Dash(Paypal), and Ethereum(Dapp) as parts of each other. Making Cardano more porfolio worthy than a NineNeins In-Game asset.


Is a Coin which centers on transfering. This was probably the most suggested coin to use for the NineNeins development. However, we did not due to XRP(s) lack of proof of work and security for OUR development. Meanwhile, XRP has a rightful place in our portfolio.

DigiByte & Atom

Are Coins that focus of Blockchain Infrastructure. Obviously, neither are what one would consider currencies. Portfolio worthy absolutley.

The Engame is merely options. These options are not grifts or panhandlin' as many will most likely claim - even tho using any of them to support NineNeins is solely if you use the infrastructure to support NineNeins - NineNeins does not benefit from downloads or usage of any of the options. These options are merely to provide a financial backing to NineNeins development by employing Alt-Tech infrastructure. What a horrible grift wouldnt you say?

We at NineNeins simply can not go down to the local synagogue... I mean bank... and get the financing for our project - we can not do as everyone else and simply use basic Payment Processors such as Stripe or PayPal.

Even our Hosting(Site) & Platform(Game) cant simply just be hosted nor platformed. Each require intricate innovating alone. Much like these options here being heavily weighed to an outcome of practical solutions.

Without Finances nothing is possible. Equipment, Artist, Developers, Licensing, etc. require funds. These options presented are just that... options. Practical and Usable Options

NineNeins will still be FREE to play. The In-game market and contrib funding to keep NineNeins going, growing, and evolving will inevitably rely solely on these options provided.

Fund what you like and support - or else it goes away... just as true as the 14 Words.


Crypto Miracle - Doge

So this is the reason for all the Crypto talk. Without Crypto NineNeins would have been dead in the water a few years ago and in fact NineNeins was for quite awhile. Doge helped change that and has sparked real life back into NineNeins.

We are still here because of our Faith, Dedication, Thought Out Investments, Commitment, Crypto, a little Luck, and your support and love through Contribs that support Pro-Whites.

We have spent the time researching, so you don't have to. We have spent just as much time trying to implement it(still in the process) to make it as secure, easy, and enjoyable as possible. This is the buffet of options to choose from. This is simply by far the best way forward. As will put our development way ahead of the curb in the future being pioneers in still a niche that is still in its infancy.